Rattlesnake Point Hill Climb, 1 May 1954, Bill Sadler, #12 Hillman V8
Rattlesnake Point Hill Climb, 1 May 1954, Bill Sadler, #12 Hillman V8

by Rupert Lloyd Thomas © 2012-2013

First run by the British Empire Motor Club in 1950, the event was soon taken over by the newly-formed Sports Car Club (Toronto), founded 1950:
“The Sports Car Club’s first competition chairman, Tom Pearce, an ex-test pilot and avid fan of anything connected with great automobiles, set himself the task of finding a suitable climbing hill for enthusiasts. Tom flew his Piper Cub over southern Ontario and charted every possibility on a map.” [1]
The chosen venue was in the Halton Region of Southern Ontario, near Milton, in Nelson Township, on Appleby Line. The course was some 4/10 of a mile in length on a dirt road, climbing the Niagara escarpment. See: N 43 28′ 17″, W 79 54′ 35″
Tom Pearce was a founder member of the Canadian Automobile Sport Committee in 1951 (from 1958, Clubs, CASC). [2] Pearce was a printer by trade, operating Northern Miner Press Limited from an address at 122 Richmond Street West, Toronto. This company, which served the mining and financial communities, also printed race programmes.

1950: The first event had 24 entries:
“Over 1000 people lined the roadway and hair-pin turns at Rattlesnake Point roadway last Sunday to watch an exciting hill climbing contest sponsored by the British Empire Motor Club. The huge audience didn’t seem to mind the clouds of dust churned up by the midget cars as they rounded curves at break-neck speed. Caught by the Free Press cameraman is one of the small M.G. roadsters as it skids around

Fred Hayes, Allard J2X, Rattlesnake Point Hill Climb
Fred Hayes, Allard J2X, Rattlesnake Point Hill Climb

the most dangerous curve on the course. Below is shown Bob Todd, of Aldershot, with his sleek roadster, who made the 300ft climb in less than a minute, precisely .9742 seconds (sic). Officials of the event said the course was one of the best and most hazardous in this part of the province. -Photos by Ross Pearen.” [3]
The event was won by George Barrett, from Galt, Ontario, in a supercharged MGTD, #13, in a time of 0.961 min; in second place was R. Todd, MGTC, #8, 0.9742 min; third was Jim Fergusson in an MGTC, #11, 0.9757 min. [4] They used this curious method of timing in the fifties i.e. thousandths of a minute.

1952: “Saturday, June 7th-B.E.M.C. Car Hill Climb, located at Rattlesnake Point, about 5 miles North-West of Milton, Ontario. Start at 1.00 P.M. Open to B.E.M.C. members and invited clubs.”

1953: 40 entries. Results, Class G: (750 c.c. to 1,100 c.c. unsupercharged – blown cars were moved up one class) Don Brailey, modified Morris Minor, 65.0 sec; J.B. Harris, Morris Minor, 74.8 sec; Peter Dillnutt,


Austin A30, 76.75 sec. Class F: Tommy Hoan, M.G. TC, 52.71 sec, L. France, Porsche, 55.05 sec.
“A varied selection of machinery contested the 2-3-litre class. Ian Sword in the ex-Wheaton DB2 Aston Martin going up sleek and fast to win in 55.41 secs. A TC with V8 60 engine, handled by Neil Bryson, did 58.79 then 57.51, to become runner-up, and a Sunbeam Talbot was third.”
Over 3-litre: Vern Jeffries, Jaguar XK120 coupe, 51.89 sec; G. Farrow, Jaguar; Peter Hayes, Jaguar. [5]

1954: Peter Dillnutt driving a Singer Roadster, registered 3D 596, won the Class 1 Production Car Category in 62.34 seconds. An advertisement in The Toronto Star trumpeted his success: “In a hill course rising 400 feet in 900 yards ..against all high-powered British, European and North American cars under 1500 CC, the new Singer Roadster surged to first place in Rattlesnake Point Climb.” [6] “No account of the Hill would be complete without recalling the late Peter Dillnutt, a former treasurer of the S.C.C., who made his most exciting runs in the first Formula III Cooper to enter this country. After Peter’s tragic demise, in a manner completely unrelated to fast motoring, some of his ashes were spread on the hill that had given him so much enjoyment.” [7]

1956: “Forty-nine entrants took part in the hill climb on June 2nd, among them many of our perennial keen types driving all types of cars from a stock Morris Minor to an AC Ace with Bristol engine. Don Clarke’s Cooper 500 was in good shape and made very good time once the engine was started. That compression! Incidentally, it is the first time we have actually seen this car in competition, and the aroma of Castrol R brings back memories.”[8]

1960: “With the record-holding Jordan Special hors de combat when driver Dan Shaw broke the left rear wheel in purposely using the banking on the last corner to retain the car on its way to what would likely have been a new record, the path was cleared for Klaus Bartels in his Carrera. In setting a time of 46.20 sec, Bartels came within .09 sec of equalling the record, set last year by Don Haddow in the 998 cc Vincent motorcycle-engined Jordan Special.
In a gravel-spattering effort, Ernest Graf pushed his VW-Porsche to a time of 47.35, good enough for 2nd overall, followed by Ed Bradley at 48.00 sec in the 3rd rear-engined car, an 896 cc DKW Canada Class machine.” [9]

1962: The May programme cautions: “A comparison of winning times over the years is meaningless as starting points have varied and weather and road conditions are never similar.”

The events staged by the Burlington Autosport Club were called the Burlington Hill Climb.

Table of winners

Year Driver Vehicle Time Club Notes
1950 George Barrett MGTD 1,250 c.c. s/c #13 0.961 min BEMC. Sunday May 7.
1951 Dean Gooderham MGTC 0.943 min SCC. [10] June.
Tom Hoan MGTC 1,250 c.c. 0.946 min BEMC. August 18.
1952 Peter Hayes MGTC 1,250 c.c. 53.3 sec SCC. [11] May 17.
Neil Bryson MGTC V8-60 0.869 min R BEMC. [12] June 7.
Dave Bryson MGTC V8-60 0.917 min BEMC. [13] August 9.
SCC. August 30.
1953 Vern Jeffries Jaguar XK120M coupe 51.89 sec SCC. [14] June 6.
1954 Jim Fergusson MG-GMC 52.77 sec SCC. [15] Saturday May 1.
1955 Fred Hayes Allard J2X-Cadillac 50.12 sec SCC. [16] June 4.
1956 Peter Hayes A.C. Ace-Bristol #25 48.47 sec R SCC. [17] Saturday June 2.
1957 Fred Hayes Allard J2X-Cadillac 50.89 sec SCC. [18] Wet.
1958 Don Stewart Jaguar XKSS 46.74 sec R SCC. [19] June 7.
1959 Don Haddow Jordan Special-Vincent 1,000 c.c. #30 46.11 Sec R SCC. [20] May 30.
1960 Klaus Bartels Porsche Carrera 46.20 sec SCC. [21] Saturday June 4.
1961 Klaus Bartels Porsche Carrera 45.84 sec R SCC. [22] Saturday June 3.
1962 Don Haddow Jordan Special-Vincent 1,000 c.c. #15 42.53 sec R SCC. [23] Saturday May 26.
Horst Kroll Porsche #17 45.659 sec BAC. [24] August 11.
1963 SCC. [25] May 26.
Horst Kroll Porsche 47.29 sec BAC. [26] July 20-21.
1964 Klaus Bartels Porsche 44.72 sec SCC. [27] May 23.
Horst Kroll Single-seater Formula Libre 47.847 sec BAC. [28] Saturday July 4. Wet.
1965 Cancelled SCC. [29] May 9.
Ivan Hayhurst Ford Falcon 48.289 sec BAC. [30] June 25.
Cancelled SCC. [31] October 2.
1966 SCC. [32] August 27.

R = Record
BEMC = British Empire Motor Club; SCC = Sports Car Club-Toronto; BAC = Burlington Autosport Club.

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